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Vegan Diet vs Paleo For Weight Loss And Heart Health

It’s that time of year where everyone is looking for the best diet to lose weight. One question that comes up is if a vegan diet is better than a paleo diet for weight loss. This is a question that keeps getting asked again and again.

The first thing we as vegans would say is that a vegan diet is better than any other diet because it doesn’t harm animals. Any way of eating that shows love and compassion should always win out over some diet based on macros and calories.

Here is some solid Vegan research. Doctors studied the effects of a Vegan diet compared to the Paleo diet, Mediterranean diet and the Dash diet. They were mainly looking for which diet would have the best benefits of weight loss and heart health. This study was conducted on real people, not lab animals. The results of the study may surprise some people.

Watch the short video for the results. I was pretty surprised by which one came in 2nd and 3rd. Pay close attention to the findings about cholesterol at the :50 second mark!!

What diet is best? Vegan, Paleo, Mediterranean or Dash? Photo Credits: David Goehring

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  1. As a medical professional it is amazing the effects we see on people who switch to a strict Paleo diet. I have added it to my questioning for patients presenting with palpitations and arrhythmia. It can cause electrolyte imbalances that can be very irritating to the heart.

  2. Interesting you say that because I tried paleo over a year ago when I was searching for the best lifestyle for me and I had palpatations. Especially when lying down at night

  3. I’m always shocked to hear people who preach the Paleo or Adkins diet tell me that eating bacon and other animal fat is healthier than eating something like an apple. It goes against every fiber of rational thought. And yet so many continue to believe it

  4. Most people start a diet right away and therefore have huge changes in their intake, food types ect. This causes electrolyte imbalances that can effect the heart, kidneys, bowels. The heart is usually the most noticeable organ effected because of the palpitations and/or arrhythmias.
    This is a good reminder to talk to your doctor when considering a big change like diet!

  5. Choose the diet based on what’s right for you. Do your research. Find various sources. Nothing is perfect. Not every vegan meal is healthy, as nothing is perfect like I said.

  6. there is no such thing as lean meat. Most fruits and vegetables have less than 5% fat. That is lean. About the leanest cut of meat you will find is 30% fat and that is usually given by weight. When given as a percentage of calories it can be over 50%. And we won’t even get into the cancer, inflammation, chronic disease and everything else that meat causes.

  7. Many paleo bloggers have found that they end up with a buildup of certain acids in their muscles from all their meat eating. Many have complained about muscle weakness and soreness just to find out their high protein diet is doing the exact opposite to their muscles than what was expected. I know a few paleo followers who turned vegan because of that very reason.

    1. There is vegan, and then there is the diet associated with being vegan. It is in fact a vegan diet. It doesn’t encompass all that veganism is, it’s just one aspect of it.

      And it’s perfectly correct to refer to the diet that vegans eat as a vegan diet.

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