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Vegan Beetroot Cheese Pie

Need direction to perfection? This Vegan Beetroot Cheese Pie is going to help you out. It’s quick and easy. You will like the earthy sweetness and a little tangy flavor it consists.

Talk about a successful recipe strategy – this plant based recipe wins hands down. Beetroot is a kind of vegetable that often gets overlooked. But this savory vegetable has a unique flavor that is a little sweet and over-powering. It’s low in fat and full of vitamins and minerals. Added into cheese pie recipe, this ingredient contributes to the texture, color and overall pleasant taste.

vegan beetroot cheese pie healthy plant based diet

Designed to curb your cravings, this easy vegan food is packed with nutrition and style. This recipe respond to the demand of easy and healthy food, but also meatless and cruelty-free. Who would imagine that they were made from cashews, nutritional yeast, lemon juice, chopped fresh rosemary, large beets, agave, thawed phyllo dough sheets and vegan butter?

Curb your appetite with this vegan treat. You can get the recipe for this Vegan Beetroot Cheese Pie on the next page below.

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