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Vegan Best Veggie Sandwich

If you are conscientious about eating sandwich every day, try making this recipe. This Vegan Best Veggie Sandwich is incredible. It’s colorful, healthy, and makes for a well-rounded meal. Open your eyes and start eating veggies and be healthy!

It’s true! You can be vegan and still have sandwiches for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. This recipe will keep it simple and familiar. It will show you how to keep eating good stuff, minus the killing of animals, and destroying of planet. Veggie sandwich may just be the next superfood. They taste fabulous and deliver real nutritional punch. Plus, crafting nutritious sandwiches are super simple and fun.

Grab a slice of whole grain bread, spread it with spicy red pepper hummus, vegan mayo, add a big stack of iceberg lettuce, top with onion rings and thick slices of peeled cucumber, then lay a slice of vegan cheese, ripened red tomato slices to make it more gorgeous, raw caraway seed sauerkraut to lend a bit of saltiness, baby spinach leaves, root vegetable chips, and finish it off with mustard. This five inches high veggie sandwich is flawless. It has a gorgeous color and provides the perfect crunch. There is really nothing better than munching into a fresh sandwich.

how to make vegan best best veggie sandwichIf upon hearing “sandwich” you automatically think of “unhealthy”, you are wrong. You can stop fearing and start eating the sandwich in all its glory!

This vegan sandwich recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Clean Eating Veggie Girl. You can get this Vegan Best Veggie Sandwich Recipe by clicking here.

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