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Vegan Custard Cream Sponge Cake

Fluffy, decadent, spongy, creamy, sweet but not too sweet are the words that best describe this Vegan Custard Cream Sponge Cake. This is a cake you can make for birthdays, as a dessert for any meal, or just to have a sweet treat.

This fantastic cake is just delicious. I have always been a fan of the simple sponge cake and love trying vegan sponge cake recipes. This recipe takes it a step further and includes and amazing vegan custard cream filling. It’s like a custard cream sandwich really. You get that sweet cream filling between two light sponge cake to make vegan sponge cake

You’ll be impressed with its layers of goodness. The cake looks lightly brown, soft and delicious while the custard cream in the middle gives a rich and filling flavor. The bottom half of the cake is lightly coated with some strawberry jam then poured with custard.

Lastly, it is dusted with icing sugar which makes it even more pleasing to the eye. This baked mouthwatering food is going to be your go-to recipe. Nothing in this world can bring this down. It looks really cool and very appetizing. Your friend will absolutely appreciate this cake.

This vegan dessert recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Veggieful. You can get this Vegan Custard Cream Sponge Cake Recipe by clicking here.

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