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Vegan Black Bean And Mushroom Enchilada

My obsession with Mexican inspired recipes is well documented. I am not ashamed to love this vegan black bean and mushroom enchilada recipe. Oh yeah, it’s pretty darned amazing.

black bean mushroom enchilada 1

I have always been a sucker for a thick, spicy, gooey enchilada. I’ll be honest, the more messy it is the more I like it. This recipe totally hits the spot. It’s all based on a brilliant 18 minute, 8 ingredient enchilada sauce. With creamy black beans and meaty mushrooms you will be satisfied really fast when eating this beast of an enchilada. And of course it’s dairy-free and completely vegan. The only thing between you and this mouth watering behemoth is you making it!

You can get the complete recipe from Veganosity by clicking here.

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