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Vegan Black Bean Brownies

I have made vegan brownies for years and never had anyone, even omnivores, question their taste. There are ways to make vegan desserts like brownies a little healthier. This Vegan Black Bean Brownie recipe is a great example.

For people that don’t really understand baking there are a few things to know about eggs. They don’t provide any taste of flavor to a baking recipe. Eggs are just a binding agent and there are many ways to get the same results with vegan food ingredients. Vegan brownies are just as good or better than those made with to make vegan black bean browniesLet’s take a look at the great vegan food that goes into making these brownies. You have black beans, coconut milk yogurt, almond milk, and cocoa powder. You won’t find any eggs or dairy products in the delicious brownie recipe and they aren’t needed. For anyone who questions how good a vegan brownie can be I dare you to make these.

This recipe yields a firm fudgy brownie with enhanced flavor. The beans are blended thoroughly without a detectable piece of bean skin while the cocoa powder help provide a rich, fudgy texture and chocolaty flavor. Warm from the oven, these fellows are moist, chewy, and oozing with chocolate with thin crackle on top. You’ll be glad you made these with every single bite you make. Try one warm, right out of the over, with your favorite plant based milk. I get excited just writing about it.

These mouth watering pictures and vegan dessert recipe are made by The Pretty Bee. Get the recipe for these Vegan Black Bean Brownies by clicking here.

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