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Vegan Sweet Potato with Black Bean Soup

This food is so colorful and filled with chunky vegetables that is very good for your diet. All the ingredients blended well and produced an immensely aromatic soup. Just take a minute to look at all the toppings! It’s fresh and well prepared. The creator of this easy vegetarian meal was able to make it look sophisticated using only a few inexpensive ingredients.

how to make vegan black bean and sweet potato soupIt is a versatile, healthy option for a savory and satisfying vegan meal. When you’re in the mood for something warm, bright and fresh, try this vegan soup recipe. It only takes 40 minutes to make and serves up to 4 to 6. And as a bonus, it’s gluten free!

This vegan recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of She Likes Food. You can get this Vegan Sweet Potato with Black Bean Soup Recipe at the link below.

get this easy vegan recipe

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