Vegan “BLT” Sandwich

If you are a new Vegan or maybe if you have been a Vegan for a long time, just the word bacon could make your mouth water. On the other hand there are many vegans that do not like the idea of bacon at all.

Since you are here I’ll assume you’d love to have some vegan bacon in your life. While it’s not really bacon, there is a smoky flavor to this sandwich which we think you will find immensely satisfying.

I’m always looking for new vegan recipes to try and share. When I stumbled across this incredible vegan sandwich I new for sure I would try it. Now that I have tried it I simply must share it.

I found this vegan bacon recipe not long ago and my family loved it. It’s not really so much about the vegan ‘bacon’ as it is about how great all these incredible flavors come together in this sandwich recipe.

Juicy tomatoes, crisp cucumber, a cashew spread, and some avocado are just the beginning. The flavor profile in this vegan BLT sandwich just gets better from there. It’s so deep and rich in texture and flavor.

Everything is topped off with a light and delicious balsamic vinegar and this amazing smokey bacon flavor infused olive oil. The whole thing comes together in a way that is unlike any other sandwich I have ever tried before.

If you are read to cook up a light, delicious, vegan bacon substitute then click though to the article below. There are many reasons that bacon is not a vegan food and isn’t part of a vegan diet. But with this recipe some of that flavor can be enjoyed. You can learn how to make this vegan sandwich by clicking here.

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