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Vegan Blueberry Jam And Thumbprint Cookies

If baking has always been your jam, you might want to experiment on these Vegan Blueberry Jam And Thumbprint Cookies. I know that was corny. And if I had a great corn recipe I’d add it to the article just to show how much I don’t care. Seriously though. These are fluffy, crunchy little vegan cookies that are perfect for any occasion or any day!

You probably heard your mom, or someone you know who cook say “Don’t mess with the tried-and-true recipe”. But what if that recipe contains pain and cruelty? Well, no need to freak out because the recipe you’re looking at right now is great for your healthy diet as well as the planet. This plant based dessert is a brilliant alternative and will truly delight you.

vegan blueberry jam thumbprint cookies easy plant based healthy diet

A really awesome food! This recipe takes advantage of few wholesome vegan ingredients you possibly already have on hand – frozen blueberries, coconut sugar, chia seeds, almond butter, vanilla extract and flax meal. All of those are great vegan foods full of nutrition and flavor.

Oh man, these look so fantastic! Look at the photos. These little round bites are so simple to make! What better than that? They are just so mouthwatering and very attractive. The thing you will adore about them is that they baked to perfection. Each cookie has golden brown bottom and crunchy exterior. Also, the indent on the center filled with jam added to their drool-worthy factor.

how to make vegan blueberry jam thumbprint cookies

Let’s be honest, the thumbprint cookie isn’t anything new. Heck, even a vegan cookie recipe like this isn’t new. But this one is worth making. I promise. Homemade treats are always superb alternative to store-bought. This vegan dessert recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of A Dash Of Compassion. You can get this Vegan Blueberry Jam And Thumbprint Cookies Recipe at the link below.


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