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5 Hearty Vegan Breakfast Recipes

Breakfasts are the most important meal of the day because, by the name itself, breaking the fast. Our bodies have been dormant for the last six or eight hours, without any food or water, which is why it is important to replenish the nutrients in the body so that it can work throughout the day. Although there are people who do not eat breakfast because preparing one is time-consuming, I tell you, you should make time for this early morning meal.

A Healthy Vegan Breakfast Is Important

When I was in college I was not vegan yet and my eating habits were horrible. I rarely ate anything for breakfast and if I did it was mostly sugar filled garbage like donuts or cereal. My senior year is the year I went vegetarian and I began taking nutrition seriously. This included starting my day with fruits and sometimes whole grains. There was such a difference in my ability to concentrate in lectures and accomplish my daily tasks. In fact the change was so dramatic it is one of the reasons I stayed vegetarian and ultimately vegan.

Vegan Breakfast Ideas

I have put together a list of vegan breakfast recipes that should appeal to almost anyone. They range from simple and healthy to more complex and decadent. I highly recommend the pan seared oatmeal and the vegan frittata! Get them on the next page.

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