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Vegan Brownies With Almond Frosting

I never get tired of new vegan brownie recipes and this is a great example. This Vegan Brownie with Almond Frosting is perfect to bring to a dinner party or picnic, and is bound to be a hit with both kids and adults. Delicious brownie with an incredible almond frosting.

These beauties are thick fudgy squares of vegan goodness. From the moist think brownie to the frosting everything comes together to make these vegan brownies incredible. Hey, not every vegan food you eat has to be a health food right? If you try hard enough I’m sure you could work these in to your vegan diet. It’s a treat, so to make vegan brownies with almond frostingYou’ll be blown by the aroma and appetizing texture of these brownies. These thick sliced fudgy squares looks heavenly! The intense chocolate and almond frosting looks nice and sweet with a little crunch, while the sliced almonds make an indulgent finishing touch. It also appears to be perfectly baked and sturdy enough to handle.

If you want to know the magic behind these brownies it really is the frosting. Based on a classic chocolate sheet cake, this vegan frosting then adds a little crunch with some sliced almonds. And everything is topped off with some powdered sugar for good measure. You have to taste them to believe a vegan food this good even exists.

Heart Of A Baker is responsible for these amazing photos and easy vegan brownie recipe. You can try this perfect sweet Vegan Brownies with Almond Frosting here.

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