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Vegan Buckwheat And Oat Flour Pancakes

Another great vegan pancake recipe for you. Are you a total pancake nerd, always on the hunt for the newest and best recipe? These Vegan Buckwheat And Oat Flour Pancakes are for you. They are hearty, slightly grainy, and very pretty!

Whole grains are one of the healthiest vegan foods you can eat as a vegan. Unfortunately most of us opt for processed grains and flowers. This recipe will help you get some of those amazing whole grains in your vegan diet in these delicious vegan to make vegan buckwheat and out flour pancakes

This recipe will give you the knowledge you need to make great pancakes.  These fluffy thin cakes are with pearl slices, pomegranate, hemp seeds, tahini, and maple syrup. It uses the combination of buckwheat and oat flour to create soft, fluffy, delicious and healthy pancakes.

These are also suitable for everyone since they are gluten-free. The pancakes look different from what you’re used to. They are browned around the edges and the underside and light towards the middle. There are also small holes visible on top of each pancake which indicates they are perfectly done.

This vegan breakfast recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Gratitude And Greens. You can get this Vegan Buckwheat And Oat Flour Pancakes Recipe by clicking here.

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