How I Ate Healthy And Vegan For Only $25 A Week

I would go vegan but it’s too expensive.

That’s what they say as they play games on their iPad, Text on their iPhone, smoke their cigarettes and drink their 20 ounce bottle of cola.

The simple fact is you can be a vegan on a budget. Just like making the decision to go vegan seemed intimidating for most people to begin with, so does planning for a vegan budget. But you can do it!

I have debated the costs of going vegan a million times. First of all the food is mostly cheaper. Compare most fruits and vegetables to steak or pork chops. Bacon prices are insane! And then you have all of the health cost down the road for eating all of your meat products. But we all know it’s mostly excuses made by people who just want to eat their meat.

The fact is that we all make allowances for the things we consider most important in our lives. The same applies to veganism. Caring about animals, and our health, and the health of our families, are the most important things.

This article is for vegans on a budget. This article is for vegans who want to eat reasonably well but not spend a fortune doing it. I happened to stumble across The Plant Strong Vegan last year and her blog about eating on a budget.

How low of a budget?

How about $25 a week! She includes her shopping list and recipes to all of the meals she made. It’s really inspiring! You can get all of her advice, tips and tricks for saving money on a vegan diet on the next page.

how to eat vegan on a budge - How I Ate Healthy And Vegan For Only $25 A Week

Plant strong is more than just a phrase. It’s actually backed up by science. People who live on a plant based vegan diet are healthier and stronger. But it’s more than just a great slogan. It is also the name of one of my favorite vegan bloggers. Learning how to eat vegan on a budget is something everyone can learn to do but some of us just need a little help.

That is where the plant strong vegan comes in to save the day!

There are just a few things you need to learn to start saving money on vegan grocery shopping. Once you get it down you really can cut your vegan grocery bill pretty dramatically. In some ways there really isn’t anything different about saving money as a vegan grocery shopper versus are normal grocery shopper.

I think one of the main things you can do is learn what the cheap vegan staples are and then use them as much as you can in your cooking. Those would be potatoes, rice and bananas. Build your meals around those affordable vegan food staples and it will help a lot.

Vegan On A Budget: Vegan For $25 A Week

The plant strong vegan has an awesome blog of her efforts to eat on $25 a week. Here are a couple of the highlights.

  • Shop the bulk bins
  • Ask store if they have overly ripe fruit you can buy at a discount
  • Use Coupons!

Check out her entire article including a shopping list, recipes and meal plan for an entire week! You can see it by clicking the following article link: Vegan on a budget / The $25 a week meal plan


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