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Vegan Buffalo Cauliflower Chowder With Herbed Crostini

All you need is love…And a sip of creamy, flavorful soup from time to time. This Vegan Cauliflower Chowder is a wonderful surprise to the taste buds.

This chowder is unbelievably gratifying. It sports a hearty, veggie-packed bowl of comfort. The herb-coated crostini floated on each bowl looks crispy and golden brown. Just imagine each crusty bite! The chowder itself looks thick and chunky with potatoes, carrots, and celery. You really can’t get enough of this absolutely scrumptious gluten-free meal. It looks even more irresistible with the parsley sitting on top. What a fabulous way to spend a weeknight than with meatless, dairy-free, and totally delicious chowder.

how to make vegan buffalo cauliflower chowderKitchen Treaty is the brilliant mind behind these photos and recipe. You can get the recipe for this Vegan Buffalo Cauliflower Chowder here.

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