Vegan Burgers, Vegan Pasta, Vegan Salads

The great vegan debate of 2017 is on! We want to know what kinds of foods more vegans like. Are you are burger vegan who is obsessed with new burger recipes? Perhaps you prefer salads in all their crunchy glory. Maybe you are addicted to vegan pasta dishes instead?

We are taking votes on our Facebook page on a post located HERE. So make sure you click through and vote for your favorite kind of vegan food. You can also see what your fellow vegans prefer more.

In the meantime maybe you’d like to check out some of the awesome recipes in those categories we have on our website. We have been collecting great recipes for years on this site and we have the very best.

vegan burger recipes

I’ll confess that my favorite vegan food is burgers. I love to experiment and new ways to make them. From home made creations to those made with face meat products you can find in stores, I like them all. Check out tons of our most popular vegan burger recipes by clicking here.

vegan salad recipes

Maybe you are a vegan purist, preferring to eat a big delicious bowl of veggies in a salad. There isn’t anything wrong with that. Check out or most popular vegan salad recipes by clicking here.

vegan pasta recipesWhere are all my vegan pasta lovers at? If you love some delicious vegan pasta then you aren’t alone. These are some of the most popular recipes we post every month. You can check out some of our more popular vegan pasta recipes by clicking here.

And remember to go to our original Facebook post and vote for the kind of vegan food you like best. We want to know what you think! Click here to vote now.

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