Vegan Butternut Mac And Cheese

Have you been searching for a healthy vegan Mac and Cheese recipe? You have found it with this Vegan Butternut Mac And Cheese. This recipe is a testament to how great butternut squash is. We get more request for vegan macaroni and cheese recipes on the site than you can imagine. People love their mac and cheese.

I have really moved away from the more processed vegan foods like mac and cheese. When I first went vegan I was trying to duplicate all of the foods I already enjoyed. And honestly this is a great way to make the vegan transition for a lot of people. But it’s not the healthiest way to eat. Still, everyone needs to hang on to a guilty vice or two. Vegan Mac and Cheese seems like a reasonable compromise. how to make vegan butternut mac and cheeseMade with gluten-free pasta and bread crumbs, this mac and cheese recipe is safe and healthier without sacrificing the level of satisfaction and taste. This iconic yellow color  does not use synthetic colors or dairy products. Instead, the moist and flavorful vegan cheese sauce mixture does the trick.  It’s a smooth and creamy sauce made with butternut squash, lemon juice, mustard, nutritional yeast, cornstarch, along with almond milk.

I really love making easy vegan recipes that are delicious and not only replace the traditional versions but actually improve them. I think this vegan mac and cheese recipe accomplishes that. But taste is subjective so you make think otherwise. I know everyone at our house loves it.

These photos and easy vegan recipe are made by Robin Robertson. You can get the recipe for this Vegan Butternut Mac And Cheese by clicking here.

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Cori Ulasik-Chaney via Facebook says

I have made this and it’s awesome!

Emily Tsukino via Facebook says

I can’t work the website on mobile. Way too many ads. ?

Kymberly Nichole via Facebook says

Yep, come on out to the Vegan Mac ‘n cheese smack down in Baltimore on Feb 20th! I’m an official judge. Stay tuned to for the WINNER!

Lisa Nicole Hynes via Facebook says

Lindsey Wyckoff Mitchell this page is great for vegan recipes!!

Lynsanity Garaghty via Facebook says

Ivanna Maldonado Pyhmivongh Molly Pos dont doubt the tastyness of vegan dishes

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