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Vegan Butternut Squash Quinoa Chili

Vegan Chili is perfect anytime, especially when it’s cold out or you need some comfort food. Tonight is going to be a good night after you make this Vegan Butternut Squash Quinoa Chili. It has warming spices and hint of smoky flavor that pairs perfectly with the tender nutty taste.

The basic chili recipe is just beef, beans, onions, tomatoes, chili spices, and that’s it. I’m not saying that omnivore chili isn’t delicious because I used to eat it all of the time. But I’m saying it’s basic. The beans and tomatoes are good for you but there’s not a lot to get excited to make vegan butternut squash quinoa chiliThis vegan chili recipe takes taste and nutrition to a whole new level. It’s asks the question, “Why settle for ordinary chili when you can kick things up a notch?” And it certainly does. You will feel good about adding this vegan recipe to your healthy vegan diet.

Imagine everything you love about chili with several other things you love added in. I don’t know anyone that doesn’t love butternut squash and they add a ton of energy and texture to this delicious chili recipe. Even more than I thought before I tried it.

Quinoa is an amazing vegan food that everyone should incorporate into their diet. Adding it to this easy chili recipe was a stroke of genius. I used to eat my chili over a bed of rice as an omnivore, and once I tried this recipe it kind of reminded me of that. It’s such a brilliant idea.

This chili recipe uses jicama which is high in vitamin C and great for boosting immune system and aiding anti-inflammatory reaction in the body. This amazing dish is also a good source of vitamin B-6 which helps body to break down protein into usable energy. There is slight crunchiness, softness, and tenderness with the texture of this meal. It’s definitely a comfort food at its finest.

This vegan  recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Making Thyme For Health. You can get this Vegan Butternut Squash Quinoa Chili Recipe by clicking here.

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