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Vegan Caramel Apple Pie Has Only 6 Ingredients

Apple pie is a holiday recipe classic. Most people either choose an apple pie, pumpkin pie, or both for their holiday meals. Nothing will make you feel the fall air and see the leaves changing quite like closing your eyes and eating a piece of this Vegan Caramel Apple Pie.

I’m not sure when the association between fall and things like apple pie and pumpkin spice because permanently etched in our minds but it’s a strong connection. Fall is my favorite time of year. When you smell all of the spices of an apple pie like this one in the room, you instantly feel like it’s the holidays. And you feel hungry.

caramel apple pie 1

The great thing about this vegan apple pie recipe is that you only need 6 ingredients and less than 20 minutes to make it. In fact you don’t even need to turn on a stove the make this apple pie. This is the truest most healthy version of apple pie you will ever eat. And it taste amazing. I have to give a lot of props to Oh Lady Cakes for creating this amazing vegan recipe. Just looking at pictures of it is enough to make your start craving a slice.

If you are wondering how good an apple pie could possibly be that isn’t baked, all I can say is try it. You will definitely be surprised. I know we were but we gave it a shot. Of course if a traditional baked apple pie is something you insist on, you can check out this vegan apple pie recipe.

Thanks to Oh Lady Cakes for these beautiful pictures and this creative holiday recipe. If you are ready to make this beautiful vegan caramel apple pie you can get the recipe by clicking here.

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