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Vegan Caramel Samoa Brownies

Ok this vegan brownie recipe is off the charts insane. If you love desserts, sweets and brownies then you will probably love these Vegan Caramel Samoa Brownies. There is so much to love inside those layers of fudgy chocolaty goodness!

How can I best describe these brownies? Let’s give it a shot. This vegan brownie recipe is like an explosion of flavor, with a thick layer of fudge, lightly covered in toasted coconut, with a flood of caramel filled with tiny coconut flakes, and lightly drizzled with rich deep dark sweet chocolate.

vegan caramel samoa brownies

These brownies are just incredible. They start off with the perfect fudgy chocolate brownie which is a layer of heaven on it’s own. Then they are covered with a thick, rich caramel sauce that is just perfectly salty and sweet. And sprinkled in among all that goodness is roasted coconut flakes!

The final touch is a deep, dark rick chocolate sauce lightly drizzled on top to complete the masterpiece. As a bonus they are completely gluten free and safe for people with Celiac disease. Who knew a vegan, gluten free brownie, could be so amazing. I think I’ll have two please, thank you.

These amazing photos and easy vegan brownie recipe are courtesy of The Foodie Teen. You can get this awesome Vegan Brownie recipe by clicking here.

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