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Vegan Carrot and Parsnip Soup

You can make any soup vegan, usually with few changes. Soup is great any time of year but most people embrace it in colder weather. Soups like this Vegan Carrot and Parsnip Soup can really be warm and comforting. It’s almost like there is as much of a psychological effect to soup as a nutritious one.

The leaves change, fall arrives, cooler weather comes, and we turn to soup. I have always wondered why soup isn’t more popular in the spring and summer. I love great vegan soup recipes and I make them all year long. So if you ever question why I might share a fall themed soup recipe when it’s summer, now you know!

vegan carrot and parsnip soup with chickpeas

This soup really was designed for fall and winter weather. Just one spoonful will fill you with warmth and comfort and delicious flavors you will love. Crispy curried chickpeas are a part of this recipe but they are completely optional. I personally think this vegan soup is better with the chickpeas but I do have some friends that try to avoid them.

Chickpeas are something I try to get into my healthy vegan diet as much as possible. They are such a great vegan food. But if you don’t like them, don’t worry. Let me tell you that this soup is incredible without them. They just add an extra touch that most people will really love. I definitely include them!

Emma’s Little Kitchen provides the awesome photos and this delicious recipe. If can get the recipe for this carrot and parsnip soup here.

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