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Vegan Carrot Cake With Macadamia Nut Frosting

If you thought your dessert choices as a vegan had to be bland and boring then you have never tried this raw vegan carrot cake recipe!

I used to always joke that I got my vegetables because I ate carrot cake. Of course that was before I went vegan and learned that I loved veggies. Especially carrots! I have tried several carrot cake recipes since going vegan but I have to tell you this on is my favorite.

vegan carrot cake recipe

The secret to the macadamia nut frosting is maple syrup. It brings in a rich deep flavor and texture to this perfectly sweet topping. But you need a great carrot cake because that is the base of the entire dessert. The delicious treat is raw which I love and it only requires five ingredients to prepare. Anyone from an experience chef to a new vegan can make this easy vegan recipe.

Get the recipe here.

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