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Vegan Carrot Loaf Cake

It’s funny that I love vegan carrot cake so much now. I remember when I was around 8 and my aunt asked me if I wanted a slice of carrot cake. I made a weird face and said “No Way!” I sure was an idiot back then. As this vegan carrot loaf cake proves, carrot cakes can be incredibly delicious!

I’m sure everyone that likes carrot cake has their own favorite recipe. They range from really simple to really complicated. This delicious dessert recipe falls somewhere in the middle. It’s very easy to prepare and it’s a lot better than your basic carrot cake recipe.I wouldn’t call it a health food but with vegan ingredients it’s certainly better for your vegan diet.

vegan carrot loaf cake recipe

It gets a nice rich depth from hemp oil. And of course that kicks up the nutritional value with the omega 3’s. The lime and orange zest in the frosting give it a refreshing flavor that really contrasts well with the carrot loaf. All in all this is one of the better carrot cake recipes I have tried. You can make this as a vegan holiday recipe or any time of year. It’s a mouth pleaser for sure.

Harriet Emily is the creator of this amazing vegan dessert recipe and beautiful photos. You can get the recipe on their site by clicking here.

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