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8 Delicious Ways To Eat Carrots

As a child, I was never a fan of carrots. I don’t know why I disliked those orange sticks but I would refuse to eat them. It took several years before I became fully acclimated with carrots. At first, they were finely chopped to the dishes I prepared so that I could barely feel them while eating. Then later, the sizes became bigger and I started eating carrots without any side dishes with it. Slowly, I learned to like and love it! The health benefits of eating carrots are undeniable and they should be a part of everyone’s diet, not just vegans.

Now that I am a mom, carrots are not in the favorite food list of my kids as well. But, I know of several ways to sneak carrots in their meals and snacks. Whether you love carrots more than romantic walks on the beach, or you try to avoid them at all cost, you will love these creative carrot recipes. All of them are delicious and you can get them on the next pages.

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