Vegan Cashew Peanut Stew

A deep complex flavor, this Vegan Cashew Peanut Stew is so rich and satisfying.  It’s an excellent source of protein and energy , proving you don’t need meat for a deep hearty meal. If you love the comforting and satisfying aspect of vegan stew recipes then this is one worth trying.

This stew has a great cultural flair to it. It’s actually a vegan version of the traditional groundnut stew from Ghana known as nkatenkwan. There is nothing more fun as a cook than taking great recipes from around the world and bringing those great flavors into your kitchen no matter where you live. Great vegan food is universal when it’s done to make vegan cashew peanut stewThis dish is a change up on the  stereotypical image of stew. This recipe is absolutely hearty, filling and creamy. It’s garnished with parsnip, butternut squash, drizzle of agave or maple syrup, and extra-generous sprinkle of crushed chilies. Thanks to the hearty winter produce lineup, this version of stew is incredibly satisfying and velvety.

The colorful and delicious meal is proof that the vegan diet does not have to be boring at all. This vegan stew recipe is a great addition to any multi-cultural table. Spread your wings and let your taste buds soar as you change things up at the dinner table. This great vegan recipe is a great way to let loose and have something different for dinner.

Vegan Miam is responsible for these wonderful photos and this great vegan stew recipe. Try this Vegan Cashew Peanut Stew recipe by clicking here.

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