Vegan Celeriac And Chestnut Soup

Here is an easy and healthful recipe that can sooth your soul. This Vegan Celeriac And Chestnut Soup will feed your body and your soul. Take a moment to stop and stare at this spectacular vegan soup. There is something amazing about soup and this one is no exception.

Soup recipes are so magical. You may not know they are really good for you too. When the vegan food ingredients minced, chopped, diced and stewed in most soups, the nutrition of all the healthy ingredients is readily available to you. Your body thanks you every time you take another bite.vegan celeriac and chesnut soupThis is your average soup recipe. The chestnuts blend well with this celery root soup and add an earthy and meaty feel. The soup itself is thick, hearty, warn and delicious. The toasted and crumbled nuts scattered on top add a nice crunch to this homemade masterpiece to give it more texture.

The healthy plant based ingredients in the comforting soup recipe make it the perfect vegan food. You can enjoy your favorite sides as with any soup or just let it stand on it’s own. Personally that is way we like to enjoy it. It is complete and delicious and doesn’t need any help.

The Joyful Heart created this amazing vegan soup recipe and beautiful photos. Get the recipe for this Vegan Celeriac And Chestnut Soup by clicking here.

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