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Vegan Cheezy Hasselback Potatoes

If you’re all about that crispy potato life, then these Vegan Cheezy Hasselback Potatoes are for you. They are versatile as a side dish, and have a contrasting crispiness and creaminess plus an amazing vegan cheese sauce.

Hasselback potatoes were invented in the 1950’s and are named after the hotel in Stockholm Sweden where they first appeared. They were originally wrapped in bacon but this recipe has been made vegan and is just as delicious. This Swedish version of the baked potato is unique in that it is fanned out for a beautiful display. It’s a design to capture as much flavor as to make vegan cheezy hasselback potatoes

They look fancy, but the truth is they are very easy to make. The layers are thick, golden brown and cooked all the way through. They are lightly coated with olive oil and a touch of salt to make them crispy. Then there is the vegan cheesy sauce that is perfect on everything. In fact it’s worth adding to your collection of vegan recipes just so you have a great vegan cheese sauce.

The cheese sauce is beautifully drizzled on the layers of the baked potatoes. You can literally see those rich flavors filling every crevice just waiting to excite you with every single bite. This recipe looks super creamy, crispy, and purely delicious! This twist on the baked potato is perfect as a side and it’s fun for kids and adults alike.

If your family is like mine you will impress them with the presentation, the great taste, and your knowledge of 20th century Sweden! You can tell them the story of the Hasselback Hotel where this dish was first created but they may not listen very closely. Most likely they will be too busy enjoying this awesome potato.

This vegan recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of The Plant Strong Vegan. You can get this Vegan Cheezy Hasselback Potatoes Recipe by clicking here.

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