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Vegan Chickpea Masala Curry

his Vegan Chickpea Masala Curry is going to become one of your new favorite recipes to cook. There is nothing like a warm bowl of curry to comfort your mind, body and spirit. With so many flavorful spices this is a vegan meal that comes alive with every bite.

Tradition curry recipes usually feature a chunkier curry as the base. But this delicious vegan recipe really lets the chickpea shine through with a smooth blended curry base. It also makes for an even more comforting dining experience. There is just something about this recipe I to make vegan chickpea masala curryYou can make a batch of this incredible curry and enjoy it throughout the week. Believe it or not it taste better the second day that the day you make it. Of course most soups and stews and recipes like this have that characteristic. Enjoy it for a weekend dinner and then pack it for lunch a couple of days during the week. You will love it better each and every day.

Chickpeas are definitely the centerpiece of this vegan Indian recipe. They set the stage with balance and texture. They also load this meal up with a lot of nutrution.  It is also loaded with zinc, copper and iron to help boost the immune system.  There is so much to like about this dish. Let’s not forget about all of those beautiful spices too. Not only do that add that amazing flavor to this curry bowl but they have nutritious qualities as well.

These fabulous vegan curry recipe and photos are created by Wellness With Taryn. You can get the recipe for this Vegan Chickpea Masala Curry by clicking here.

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