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Vegan Chickpeas Sandwich

A great substitute for eggs salad or chicken salad in this vegan chickpea salad. If you’re in the midst of trying out something new for yourself, you will greatly enjoy this Vegan Chickpeas Sandwich. It’s quite an inspiration!

What most people don’t realize about chicken salad is that the chicken in it is not even the best part. It’s all of the other textures and flavors that makes it delicious. You can get the amazing taste without the chicken in this vegan chickpea salad recipe. Yummy vegan food for lunch, picnics or any time you want a great vegan sandwich. Did I mention this recipe has a curry flavor? Yes, this takes the simple chickpeas sandwich to a whole new level.how to make vegan chickpea sandwhichMy favorite part about this particular vegan chickpea sandwich is the hint of sweetness. I have others that I like as well. Some of them will use grapes or other things to add that sweet hint. This incredibly recipe does it with a little apple. I would have never thought of that myself but it works perfect. And apples are a great vegan food you need to eat so it makes sense.

The flavor that it offers is vast. You will thank the heavens for finding this recipe. The list of ingredients is simple, healthy and they are ridiculously easy to make. The crunch from the onions and celery, as well as the sweetness from the dried cranberries and apple will not go unnoticed. The simplicity and ease of eating this is just amazing. It’s definitely a meatless option you’ve got to try if you like sandwiches.

Send your special thanks to She Likes Food for these genius photos and recipe. Now, make your lunch rock with this gem. Get the recipe for this Vegan Chickpeas Sandwich here.

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