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Vegan Chili Pomegranate Brownies

How about taking your brownies to the extreme? These Vegan Chili Pomegranate Brownies are absolutely brilliant. The chocolate and chili mix is excellent. If you’re into fruit topping, this is definitely for you. This recipe used pomegranate seeds and syrup as garnish. Now that’s something new and unexpected!

When it comes to comfort food, you’ll probably see brownies on the top rank. They are decadent, sweet escape. They will pamper you with rich flavor and cake-like texture. Their chewiness and perfect crinkly crust top will take you to an absolutely amazing and comforting place. Kids and adults love them! And it’s good to know you can actually make your own version.

You’ll be surprised to hear that these brownies recipe are made with chili and pomegranate. Yes, there’s a combination of spicy, tart and sweet in these. So what other good stuff are in this recipe? For the brownies there are pumpkin, vegan butter, flax seeds, and cocoa powder. Then for the syrup there are chili pepper flakes, pomegranate juice, and cayenne pepper. Lastly, the topping consist of pomegranate seeds. These delightful brownies look moist and fudgy. They look scrumptious and perfect for anyone who loves chocolate and has a sweet tooth.

how to make vegan chili pomegranate browniesIf you’re interested in learning new ways to make brownies, you should try this one out. A quality, innovative, tasty treat, this experimental vegan dessert is very promising and quick to prepare!  One more note before you finally decide to make these: it’s going to be mind-blowing!

This vegan dessert recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Grim Grains. You can get this Vegan Chili Pomegranate Brownies Recipe by clicking here.

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