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Vegan Sweet and Salty Chocolate Brownies

This is a delicious, refined sugar-free treat, in a simple vegan dessert recipe. These Vegan Sweet and Salty Chocolate Brownies are rich, chocolaty, a little chewy, and fudgy! Then there is just a hint of saltiness that makes them an irresistible vegan dessert.

Often described as having a fudgy, crackly texture, and intense flavor, brownies are scrumptious dessert that are great to eat after a wholesome meal. Dessert is an important part of daily meal. Eating a reasonable serving of dessert everyday can help balance and maintain weight. And this sweet vegan version of brownies is not just pleasing, but will make you feel fantastic!

vegan chocolate brownies healthy vegan dietThis vegan recipe is full of good ingredients for your healthy diet. They are made with cocoa powder, spelt flour, baking stevia, baking soda, melted coconut butter, pink salt, applesauce, maple syrup, and almond milk. There is no need to avoid using salt because the Himalayan pink salt is an unprocessed salt and is a great flavor enhancer.

If your mouth is watering for these Vegan Sweet and Salty Chocolate Brownies you can get the recipe on the next page below!

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