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Vegan Chocolate Chunk Blondies

This Vegan Chocolate Chunk Blondies will change your world. These guys are so amazing they are made from only 8 ingredients.

There’s no question, you’ll go bananas over this dessert. Notice the nice combination of maple syrup and brown sugar acting as binder. They are the perfect match for a wonderful texture, chew and moisture.  Some applesauce also helped turn these chunks very delicious and it’s also crucial for binding the bars.  It’s ridiculously easy and fast to throw together. After 30 minutes of patiently waiting, you’ll have in your hands these firm and golden chocolate chunks. A piece of this chocolate goodness will lift your mood, make you happy and satisfied! You just found the recipe that will make the surrounding of your home warm.

how to make vegan chocolate chunk blondies

The Vegan 8 is responsible for these photos and recipe. You can get the recipe for this Vegan Chocolate Chunk Blondies here.

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