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Vegan Chocolate Covered Caramel And Coconut Bars

These Vegan Chocolate Covered Caramel And Coconut Bars will cause you to lose your mind. They are gooey, dense, slightly salted, and caramel-laden. I was always a chocolate addict and was destroyed when I learned most chocolate isn’t vegan.

Milk chocolate isn’t vegan. Don’t laugh at me for not realizing that when I went vegan. I know it seems obvious, with the word ‘milk’ right in the name. But I just didn’t associate my favorite chocolate with animal ingredients at all. And I was devastated when I learned to make vegan chocolate covered caramel and coconut bars

Once you sink your teeth into these delightful bars, your world will turn so much brighter and blissful. These candy bars are reminiscent to Snickers bar. It has chocolate coating and filled with caramel and coconut. It has the same sticky, chewy, and luscious appearance.

The caramel is made from pitted medjool dates, almond butter, vanilla and some sea salt. After processing they will become sweet, sticky, and with golden hue. A perfect, healthy version of caramel! The chocolate covering these fun sized bars is made from whisked cacao powder and maple syrup. When craving strikes, this is something you can definitely enjoy.

This vegan dessert and beautiful photos are courtesy of Blissful Basil. You can get this Vegan Chocolate Covered Caramel And Coconut Bars Recipe by clicking here.

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