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Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes With Cookies And Cream Frosting

This vegan dessert recipe is perfect for sharing with friends and family. These Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes With Cookies And Cream Frosting are rich, wonderfully chocolaty, and with unbelievable texture. They are super soft, fluffy, light, springy, and perfectly moist. This will be your new go-to recipe because they are fast, easy, and incredible.

Here’s a fun fact: these little darlings got its name because the ingredients in making them are actually measured in cups – one cup of butter, one cup of flour, etc. Traditionally, cupcakes are consumed by kids. But who says cupcakes are only for kids? Cupcakes delight adults too. Over the years cupcakes were perfected and made in every flavor imaginable – vanilla, chocolate, fruit flavor, and everything in between! This kind of treat is not just picture-perfect but also tastes delicious. And they seemed a fitting choice for parties or as a perfect gift.

The Oreo cookies and cream frosting is truly the icing on the cupcake. They add so much to the overall cupcake bliss factor. And it has a crunchy texture that breaks up the silky smooth buttercream. Non-dairy milk, apple cider vinegar, vanilla extract, unsweetened natural cocoa powder, non-dairy butter, and roughly chopped Oreo cookies are the guilty ingredients for these super mouthwatering cupcakes. These look perfect, and the frosting is mind-blowing.

how to make vegan chocolate cupcakes with cookies and cream frostingThis is a real game changer! If seeing the photos doesn’t make you drool, there’s something wrong with you. This recipe is amazing and sinfully scrumptious! It yields 22 tempting cupcakes in about 20 minutes of cooking time.

This vegan dessert recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Averie Cooks. You can get this Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes With Cookies And Cream Frosting Recipe at this link.

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