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Vegan Chocolate Fudge Cake

If your weakness is cake, then you will devour this Vegan Chocolate Fudge Cake. It’s not just vegan, it’s also gluten free.  While it’s healthier than your standard cake with egg and butter as ingredients, I wouldn’t call this vegan cake a health food. But indulgence is the spice of life.

When you think of the epic vegan food that makes your mouth water, chocolate cake is probably near the top. Heck, chocolate anything always ranks high on the list. And when it’s the fudge variety my little vegan heart skips and extra beat. The vegan chocolate frosting is something I believe I could consume intravenously if I had the right equipment!how to make vegan chocolate fudge cakeTake a mental picture of this dessert melting in your mouth. It’s fantastic, right? For sure you’ll be drooling over it in your dreams later. The two words that best describe this cake are indulgent and decadent. It is soft, moist and simply elegant. The touch of chocolate shavings on top will have you instantly sold. This is an easy vegan recipe to get excited about.

And the chocolate fudge frosting covering the rich, dense, double layer chocolate cake is phenomenal. Make this tasty vegan dessert recipe for special occasions like birthdays and your family and friends will absolutely love it. It’s hard to believe that this is vegan-friendly so you really have to get your hands on this recipe. Your cake craving depends on it.

Before you beat yourself up too badly for having an epic chocolate craving meltdown while eating this cake, remember a couple of things. Chocolate has incredible health benefits and one of them is heightened mood and mental well being. And lastly remember this. If God didn’t want us eating chocolate cake, why did he make spatulas?

This incredible vegan cake recipe and photos are produced by Vegan A La Mode. You can get this Vegan Chocolate Fudge Cake recipe by clicking here.

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