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Vegan Chocolate Macaroon Cookies

These are not your ordinary macaroon cookies. They are vegan of course but these vegan chocolate macaroon cookies are dark, rich, and intense in flavor.  This vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe is actually gluten free which is great for people with gluten sensitivity and vegans.

Every year as holiday season approaches you see thumbprint cookies start showing up. It’s an annual tradition I enjoy for obvious reasons. Eating cookies! But everyone has their own favorite recipe and each one is a little bit different. If you love chocolate like most of the world then you will definitely love these chocolate macaroons.

How To Make vegan chocolate macaroon cookies

If you ask someone who is doing the cooking what qualities they would like in a cookie recipe you’d probably hear something like this. Quick and easy to make, requires few ingredients, and taste amazing. For vegan cooks you add one more to the list, must be vegan. Well these vegan macaroon cookies meet all of those requirements and then some!

These amazing guys are crispy around the edges. Once you take the first chewy bite  you will feel the smooth bittersweet chocolate that cascades down the delicate indentation at the center of these thumbprint cookies. A little sprinkle of fleur de sel across the top makes the flavor of the dark chocolate explode. Everything about this vegan cookies recipe is amazing.

This recipe calls for the thumbprint for some character but you can make them like traditional macaroons as well, it’s up to you. Gourmande In The Kitchen is the creator of this vegan dessert recipe and the great photos. You can get this Vegan Chocolate Macaroon Cookies recipe by clicking here.

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