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Vegan Chocolate Mint Cookies

There are some vegan foods I never get tired of. I have written about this before but certain foods bring a deep connection to me. This particular recipe does because of the holidays. I could eat these Vegan Chocolate Mint Cookies all year round.

I never get tired of these Vegan Chocolate Mint Cookies!

When I was growing up I didn’t get to see my grandmother very much. She lived 2,000 miles away and we didn’t have much money. Trips to see her were few and far between. But I always knew what to expect at Christmas. She would always send me a beautiful card, a new dress and a box of Chocolate Mint Cookies. Of course hers weren’t vegan and she didn’t make them. But that didn’t lessen the connection they made between me, her and Christmas.

This is a very simple Vegan Chocolate Mint Cookies recipe that anyone can make. They may not hold the same emotional connection for you that they do for me, but you may start a new tradition sharing them with your family. Or you may just make them, eat them and smile. Either way I hope you enjoy these amazing vegan cookies. You can get the recipe on the next page below.

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