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Vegan Chocolate Nutella Donuts

I’ll tell you right now these vegan donuts are amazing. They are called Vegan Chocolate Nutella Donuts but the don’t actually contain any Nutella. You get that hint of flavor from the chocolate and Hazelnuts. The end results of this vegan recipes is delicious.

I’ll tell you right now the secret to these amazing vegan donuts. And if you are a fan of Nutella, which you probably are since you came here to check this recipe out, you will love the flavor of these vegan donuts. Unless they have changed the formula, Nutella actually isn’t vegan. So how do we get that taste?


This brilliant recipe uses Hazelnut brittle which you can easily find at the store. Of course if you were really adventurous you could make your own and I’m sure these donuts would be even better. Everything is better when you make it in your own kitchen with love, right?

One more secret about this donut recipe that will blow your friends and family away? Wait until after they have taken a few bites and let you know how much they love them. Then you can not only reveal they are eating vegan food, but that it was made with kidney beans. They will be amazed.

This wonderful vegan dessert recipe and mouth watering photos are courtesy of vegan heaven. You can learn how to make these Vegan Chocolate Nutella Donuts by clicking here.

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