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Vegan Chocolate Pie That Is Soy Free And Gluten Free

Vegan chocolate pie isn’t rare. I have tried a lot of them. But a vegan chocolate pie that is also soy free and gluten free is rare. This amazing vegan dessert recipe is all of those things and it taste amazing. If you prefer to be vegan and gluten free or have a soy allergy then this chocolate pie recipe is for you.

How much chocolate is too much is a creamy chocolate pie? This amazing vegan pie recipe pushed the limits for sure. There is chocolate in the cream filling, chocolate in the crust, and there is even a chocolate cream you can put on top for good measure.


This pie is so rich and creamy. When you bite into it you will instantly love that rich chocolate pie filling. It is based on coconut milk and dark chocolate and it is incredibly rich, creamy and satisfying from the very first bite. Have you every had something with a texture like a silky cloud? That describes this pie. It’s amazing.

The key to a really perfect pies lies in the crust. This is true whether your pie is vegan or not. You will love this crust. It’s made with almonds, oats, cocoa, and some oil. You can add more cocoa and make it really chocolaty if you want. It really completes this great vegan pie recipe.


You will really get a one-two punch of chocolate with this pie. If you love chocolate, then chocolate is what you are going to get! That rich creamy chocolate pie filling is amazing, and just when you think that is all, you get to that delicious chocolate infused crust. Can you say chocolate dessert overload?

Vegan Richa is the genius behind this amazing vegan dessert recipe. You can get the recipe for this Vegan Chocolate Pie by clicking here.

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