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Vegan Chocoolate Pie

The world’s best dessert pie is made vegan! This Vegan Chocolate Pie is too delicious. It begins with soft, gooey, pudding layer, then a creamy cheese layer, and finally choco shaves to decorate!

Treats that contain animal products are not really a treat. They are called abuse. And munching animals is not enjoyable at all. Although chocolate pies are super delectable, many recipes are full of crappy ingredients. But don’t back down this easy vegan recipe is good for your healthy diet. The experience you’ll have with this is better than the cruelty-filled treats.

vegan chocolate pie healthy dietThis specific recipe reveals how remarkable vegan treats are. The inside of this contain unsweetened cocoa powder, coconut milk, arrowroot powder, vegan buttery spread, plain cream cheese, and coco whip. Then the uppermost layer contains a bar of Pascha and finally some shaved chocolate for garnish.

Seriously appetizing vegan recipe! Get the recipe for this Vegan Chocolate Pie on the next page below.

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