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Vegan Cinnamon Spice Cake With Caramel Sauce

Why would you want to make cinnamon spice cake? Maybe because a delicious vegan spice cake is one of the best vegan holiday recipes of all time. This delicious is a great example. You can make this incredible vegan cinnamon spice cake with caramel sauce for the holidays and feel love from your family like never before. Really.

Would you consider yourself to be a vegan cake expert? I like to think I fall into that category. Now only if we could get paid for that, right? If you love vegan cake recipes make sure you also check out this vegan pumpkin spice cheesecake recipe and this vegan chocolate blackout cake recipe as well. But of course you are here for this amazing vegan holiday dessert recipe.


I’m not only a person that loves the holidays and cake, I also love to laugh. I was just reminded of what of my favorite comedy buts about cake of all time. I know it’s off topic but hey, everyone loves to laugh right. This video, I love cake, by comedian Gabriel Iglesias is just hilarious. It’s ok if you want to go watch it and come back.

A vegan baking secret you may not know is that many boxed cake mixes out there are vegan. They make it so easy to whip up a delicious vegan cake in no time. This vegan cinnamon spice cake recipe starts out with one of those cake mixes. See how easy this cake recipe is. Even the most novice cook make it I promise.

What is the secret to this amazing vegan cake recipe? I’ll tell you right now before you click through to make this recipe yourself. The thing that makes this great vegan holiday dessert recipe so sweet and delicious is cream soda. Now that you know the secret ingredient it’s time to make this cake.

A big hat tip to the very creative Namely Marly website for this amazing vegan cake recipe and photos. You can learn how to make this vegan cinnamon spice cake recipe by clicking here.

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