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Vegan Cinnamon Swirl Bread

This Vegan Cinnamon Swirl Bread is a recipe you should dive right into. Many people think making vegan bread is difficult or not worth the trouble. This vegan bread recipe is easy to make, delicious and there’s really nothing that can compare to homemade and freshly baked bread.

Soft, baked, doughy bread seems like the ultimate warm recipe that is comforting and will give a euphoric feeling of butterflies in the stomach. In the beginning, it was just dough rolled into a log! But after half an hour of baking, it becomes very puffy and perfectly brown. It’s finally time for you to bake your own vegan bread and this is the recipe to to make vegan cinnamon swirl breadThis bread is amazing and the filling is evenly sprinkled over the dough. Imagine all of the amazing flavors in those layers of soft and delicious bread. This fluffy bread is sure to be a smash hit. The cinnamon sugar swirled into the loaf is going to blow your mind. This thing is extraordinary on its own, or as a toast and with vegan butter.

If this is your first shot at trying to bake vegan bread then you can handle this recipe easily. And if you are a bread baking pro you will still love it. So simple and delicious, it’s a standard around our house now. You will be looking for new occasions to feature this easy vegan recipe whenever possible.

These images and vegan bread recipe are courtesy of My California Roots. Make this simple loaf; you’ll be amazed at how easy-to-follow this recipe is. Get the Vegan Cinnamon Swirl Bread recipe by clicking here.

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