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Vegan Coco Layer Cake With Cashew Cream Icing

Looking for a vegan cake for a party, event, or just for dessert? What better way to celebrate a special day than with a cake. You will enjoy this Vegan Coco Layer Cake With Cashew Cream Icing because it so sweet, rich and delicious.

I have two kinds of vegan dessert recipes I am drawn to. I really like brownies and cakes. If you can make me a vegan cake or brownie then you will have my eternal love forever. And of course I love making the recipes myself. Have you ever seen anyone happier than they are when eating a rich, thick, moist vegan cake?how to make vegan cocoa layer cake with cashew cream icingLet’s talk for a minute about this recipe and it’s rich cream. The layers of cocoa cake are perfectly moist and  tender with a deep rich color that just makes you want to jump right in and devour it. The vegan cashew icing may actually be the star of this recipe. It’s adds a rich, creamy sweetness that hits you from the very first bite!

The glaze is smooth and creamy and looks beautiful dripping down the sides of the sponge cake. Bet you never thought you’d want to lick the side of the cake before. No matter how many cake recipes there are, you’ll always find that one recipe that you seriously want to be a part of your life. And that’s what this cake recipe is all about. It’s not the healthiest  vegan food but it may be the tastiest.

This incredible vegan recipe proves that sometimes a mistake can turn into a tasty treat you never expected. What started out as a red velvet cake turned into it’s own unique cake recipe that might just be even better than what was intended. It’s those happy little accidents in the kitchen that makes life fun and delicious sometimes.

These vegan cake recipe and photos are courtesy of Heart Of A Baker. You can get the recipe for this Vegan Cocoa Layer Cake with Cashew Cream Icing by clicking  here.

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