Vegan Coconut Bacon And Cobb Salad

Is a nice salty sweet vegan bacon flavor really possible? This Vegan Coconut Bacon And Cobb Salad recipe is proof that it is possible and it’s extraordinary. You can enjoy the crunchiness of the bacon without any guilt. This delicious salad is the perfect showcase for that crunchy flavor.

Most vegans have no desire to eat bacon. I am one of them. But there is no denying the power of a salty, sweet, crunchy taste and how appetizing it can be. At the very core that is what bacon provides to meat eaters and you can get a vegan version in this amazing vegan recipe. It really set’s off this salad in a unique and special way.vegan coconut bacon and cobb saladThis recipe imbibes a crispy, slightly spicy, smoky and totally satisfying bite of heaven. Made with all-natural ingredients, this easy vegan recipe is completely addictive. The use of baked coconut as bacon is ingenious and delicious. Unlike disgusting bacon, this vegan food is light, crisp and delicious. It really makes this a salad recipe to remember.

Why even bother with a vegan bacon you may ask. The crisp and color is perfect. Since it is made with coconut you also get that fatty factor that will make your taste buds excited. But it’s a healthy fat that is good for you. Coconut fat has many great health benefits so that is a bonus you can feel good about while you are enjoying this great vegan lunch recipe.

These brown crispy bits of goodness look fantastic and healthier partnered with a bowl of salad full of baby kale, cherry tomatoes, and avocado. The mixture of ingredients provides an attractive meal that is at the same time very nourishing. This is absolutely an applause-worthy recipe.

These legendary recipe and photos are invented by Well And Full. You can get the recipe for this Vegan Coconut Bacon And Cobb Salad here.

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