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Vegan Coconut Banana Steel Cut Oatmeal Breakfast Recipe

Why do I love my vegan oatmeal recipes so much? If you’re looking for a speedy weekday vegan breakfast, then this is it! You’ll love the awesome combination of this Vegan Coconut Banana Steel Cut Oatmeal. So warm, filling and full of nutrition. A perfect way to start the day.

I have a confession. Steel cut oatmeal is one of my favorite vegan foods. I know most people eat it for breakfast but I will literally eat it any time of day. I love my vegan oatmeal recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even as snacks. As a vegan breakfast recipe though, this is just simple perfection.vegan coconut banana steel cut oatmealLet me try to describe this particular easy vegan oatmeal recipe for you. The oats are made sweet delicious coconut milk. The result is a hearty filling oatmeal base that is delicious and not mushy, gluey, or soupy. It has a texture that is just right and very pleasant. This warm bowl of oatmeal is simply fantastic! If you were looking for an easy and delicious vegan breakfast, you found it.

The toasted pecans and coconut flakes are golden brown and look so inviting early in the morning. With a bowl full of this to look forward too, waking up is not a challenge at all. How could it be? This recipe is also gluten free and free from refined sugars. This healthy and flavorful bowl is a way to tell your family you love them more than instant food can say.

Tastes Lovely is responsible for this vegan breakfast recipe and beautiful photos. What are you waiting for? Grab your spoon and dig in! Get the recipe for this Vegan Coconut Banana Steel Cut Oatmeal by clicking here.

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