Vegan Coconut Curry Sweet Potato Chowder

Whether it’s warm or cold weather, making this Vegan Coconut Curry Sweet Potato Chowder will warm you from the inside out. If you are a fan of vegan chowder recipes, this one is a keeper. It will not only keep you warm and cozy, but also nourish your body. It’s creamy and rich with sweet and spicy flavor that is totally comforting.

It seems like nearly everything I love is in the amazing vegan recipe. I love a good curry, sweet potatoes are like life itself, and good vegan chowder is like heaven. This recipe combines all of those things into something that is pretty unique and very special. You will want to add this to your recipe list for to make vegan coconut curry sweet potato chowderThis soup is a mix and match of creamy vegan chowder with a spicy curry.  It’s loaded with veggies like sweet potatoes, celery stalks, and an overflowing coconut milk. The ingredients not only provide a healthy vegan food, but also give off deep, well-rounded flavor with pleasing aroma. It’s the best subtle sweetness to spicy and creamy recipe that is excellent for a chilly day.

It also uses brown rice flour to keep it gluten-free and vegan. You put all of this together and you have a warm, hearty, filling, delicious vegan meal in a bowl that y0u will love. This beautiful yellow curry with sliced green onions sitting on top will be the first thing you think of once the soup season arrives.

Veggie And The Beast is the creator of these mouth watering images and this vegan chowder recipe. You can get the recipe for this Vegan Coconut Curry Sweet Potato Chowder by clicking here.

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