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Vegan Coconut Milk French Toast With Whiskey-Infused Maple Syrup

This Vegan Coconut Milk French Toast With Whiskey-Infused Maple Syrup is so creative and has a dash of sweetness and creamy richness of coconut milk. Forget everything you ever knew about French Toast. This recipe is a game changer.

When I was growing up it was all about buttermilk. You had to make buttermilk biscuits or buttermilk pancakes. And yes, even buttermilk french toast. Of course as a vegan it is the exact opposite. How can I make incredible vegan french toast without dairy products like buttermilk. And in this case, coconut milk is the secret ingredient that makes them so amazing.

The texture of this lovely bread is pure French toast. Each thick multigrain slice is dipped and coated in batter. Then the batter clings wonderfully to the bread and gorgeously pools around the slices and on the crust. But it gets crazier, because the abundance of nutmeg creates a fantastic “nog” quality. When you feel it around your lips, you’ll have tender bliss. You’ll be hyped by its elegant lightly brown bottom. It’s not over-saturated and falling apart either. Yes, that’s right; you have a beautiful recipe in front of you.

how to make vegan coconut milk french toastI am a firm believer than breakfast is best serve for dinner. But that’s just me. You can make these delicious vegan french toast any time and day and it will be a hit. I promise. And be sure to savor every morsel and enjoy that rich deep flavor that the coconut milk brings to this recipe. It’s just delightful!

This vegan breakfast recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Running On Real Food. You can get this Vegan Coconut Milk French Toast With Whiskey-Infused Maple Syrup Recipe by clicking here.

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