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Vegan Coffee Ice Cream

Why would you make ice cream from scratch if you can just buy it? Because you can, and because this Vegan Coffee Ice Cream tastes better than those sold in the market.

Ice creams can be a little more time consuming than any other dessert, but they are always worth the effort. This recipe is intoxicating: smooth, without icy bits, and grain. Creamy and delicious, this genius idea uses Malawi coffee, cashews, dates, and sweet potatoes. Top it off with vegan caramel, dried cranberries, and black sesame seeds and you have the most luscious looking frozen treat. The strong coffee color also adds to the mouthwatering appearance.  Every spoonful will surely take you wonder by wonder.

how to make vegan coffee ice cream

These satisfying photos and recipe originated from The Little Plantation. Do not deprive yourself with a magnificent vegan dessert. Get the recipe for this Vegan Coffee Ice Cream here.

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