Vegan Corned Seitan And Cabbage

Try this Vegan Corned Seitan And Cabbage recipe that you and your family can enjoy. Besides its brilliant name, this veganized recipe is an interesting experiment that will open your eyes to the flavorful, healthy, and sustainable world of vegan. This reminds me of southern cooking I loved as a kid.

If you hear people saying “Eat wheat, not meat” there is a possibility that they are referring to this amazing vegan meat substitute. Seitan is a popular meat substitute derived from high-protein wheat flour. Asian restaurants and protein chefs make use of it as a vegetarian mock meat. how to make vegan corned seitan and cabbage

Vegans are more optimistic about this food over animal flesh because they are not just great source of protein but also low in calories unlike chicken, beef, or pork. Plus, they are very versatile too.

This corned seitan and cabbage recipe was excellent. It is made with peeled and diced carrots, onion, chopped cabbage, diced celery, bay leaves, coarsely ground black pepper, and 2 pound Corned Seitan. It is beautifully flavored from the broth and vegetables.

This thing definitely achieved a super pleasing look and an impressive taste. It was also able to maintain a juicy, but not spongy texture. And each thick slice looks really tender. This recipe was able to fantastically mimic the texture of meat for the omnivores in your life.

Although it takes a while to prepare this meal due to the brining process, fortunately the steps are easy and require very little work. When it comes to finding foods that the whole family will have fun devouring, you cannot go wrong with this dough. You won’t be disappointed! It will be very satisfying in the end.

This vegan recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of House Vegan. You can get this Vegan Corned Seitan And Cabbage Recipe by clicking here.

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