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Vegan Homemade Holiday Christmas Cookies With Cranberry And Chocolate Chip

Holiday time means colorful and delicious holiday cookies! These vegan cranberry chocolate chip cookies are perfect for those holiday parties, gifts and table decoration. If you do put them on the table to be pretty don’t expect them to last very long though. This is one of those great Christmas recipes for kids.

I’m not saying you have to be a kid to love these great holiday cookies. But if you are looking for great Christmas recipes for kids, this is a good start. This vegan holiday dessert recipe starts out with something they already love and adds cranberries to it to make it scream “the holidays are here!” This is one of those easy holiday cookie recipes you will cook again and again.

vegan cranberry chocolate chip cookies recipe

My favorite thing about this yummy vegan cookie recipe is the fresh cranberries. Yes, fresh cranberries. If you have ever used them in recipes before you know that can be tart. And that’s part of their appeal. You just have to balance that delicious tart flavor with something sweet. And that’s where the chocolate chips come in. A great addition to your easy holiday cookie recipes.

A wonderful flavor combination of delicious tart cranberries and sweet chocolate chips make for a wonderful combination. It really is the most wonderful time of the year when you have a glass of ice cold almond milk and these holiday cookies. This is an easy vegan recipe that is perfect for the holidays that adults and kids will love.

Thanks to The Pretty Bee for the easy holiday cookie recipe and great photos. You can get this great vegan recipe for homemade Christmas cookies by clicking here.

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