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Vegan Creamy Caramel Hot Coco

Fall and winter mean hot chocolate. This is a vegan caramel hot chocolate recipe you may want to try.  This Vegan Creamy Caramel Hot Coco packs a big flavor that is perfect cool nights and good times. It’s rich, sweet and satisfying for to make vegancreamy caramel hot chocoYou’ll notice the perfect caramel sauce over this creamy hot chocolate. I know it’ll make you swoon. It imparts a flavor that will make your heart flutter. Sprinkle a bit of vegan chocolate over the top and enjoy this perfectly delectable drink any time of the day. Definitely a cup worth having around!

Whatever you do, don’t go buy some cheap store bought hot chocolate. That is the ultimate sin when you can have something this rich in minutes. It’s so rich and creamy you won’t believe you only need 5 ingredients and a few minutes to make it.

These lovely photos and vegan recipe is created by Noming Thru Life. It’s simple to make, try the recipe for this Vegan Creamy Caramel Hot Choco by clicking here.

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